The Too Busy rut

4 thoughts on “The Too Busy rut”

  1. Oh friend I hear you. I had a small breakdown this morning feeling like I wasn’t just ENJOYING. I was too busy worrying about the next thing to do. Find comfort in others feeling the same way and being here for you to vent to. If you can find the time right??!!


  2. Hugs to you! Laura and I were just sharing similar stories last week. You have the right priorities – and hopefully nicer weather will help with the breathing.

    PS – Fiona was a late night baby as well. I did not know that babies under 1 went to bed (occasionally) at normal times. Seriously thought it was an urban legend. It gets better – or they learn to play a bit more quietly in there until they fall asleep.


    1. Summer does make it feel easier. I’m happy when the sun is out for so long. Although if I think about it, it only complicates our lives with two softball games a week. šŸ™‚


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