Snow day


Last week we got a lot of snow. We were expecting somewhere around 10″ of snow. We probably got about half that, but Maximus didn’t care what the weatherman predicted. He has a couple of shovels and loves to help Bryan shovel. Unfortunately, most of the winter snow storms have come when the weather is way too cold for a 2-year old to be out there. He’s gotten a couple of opportunities to help Bryan and he thinks it’s the coolest thing. He tells everyone about how he helps daddy shovel the snow. I haven’t been able to watch him shovel because of his little brother’s overambitious appetite. I should request a video of it because he looks pretty cute in his winter gear!



At 6:30 in the morning when Maximus woke up to Bryan snow blowing, he was ready to shovel. I compromised with him and told him he could go out and play in the snow after breakfast. He doesn’t forget anything. Ever. He starting putting on his snow gear with very little help from me. I was watching my 1-year old niece, plus I wasn’t going to go out with Quinten. So the deck it was! Meanwhile, my niece gave me a look like, “what? I’m not going too?” So I grabbed some tupperware and a small shovel and put her in the highchair. Next thing I knew, Maximus wanted in the house so he could play too.



Another successful fun mommy activity! I also taught him how to make snow balls. 🙂

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