Another post about friendships

2 thoughts on “Another post about friendships”

  1. I hear ya. friends have come and gone.. and more have gone since I’ve gotten caught up in marriage, a house, a kid, career.. etc. As for making new friends? I’m not one to spark a conversation in the park or to a passing mommy with a stroller… but I do make an effort when someone comes along that has similar values and morals. Like a coworkers wife who offers to babysit for FREE…just because she’s nice like that. THOSE are the good friends. The old high school friends that don’t make an effort to communicate, even though I do… those ones aren’t really friends anymore and that’s OK for me.


    1. I’m not really even in a communicating with them position. I think that’s where most of my struggles come from. That “what if.” I spend so much time with them growing up and have no clue what their lives are like now.


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