Our Minneapolis fun

Our trip to Minneapolis was quick, but we tried to pack in some fun.

We went to the Guthrie Center to look out over the river. I stayed on the steps, but everyone else looked out over the ledges including these two little guys. Maximus appears to be of the age of no fear. Good for him, but no I’m sitting right here bud.










It was very warm in Minneapolis. Warmer than in Iowa, which isn’t typical. Maximus, like a  typical toddler, was up and down the steps. It was a little nerve-wracking for his parents, but he enjoyed himself.






































It was a lot of “monkey see, monkey do” for Maximus. Everything his cousin did, he wanted to do.









But, no time for posed pictures. At least when others were trying to take pictures he didn’t say, “no cheese!” and turn away. But, I didn’t get any smile pictures or really anything that involved looked at me.









He didn’t especially like Bryan following him around, but he dealt with it a little. The steps are a little too steep for a 2-year old, but Maximus seemed to think he was fine. Here he is enjoying an apple.










Isn’t the toddler life grand? No worries, except where to take the next perfect bite {bike as Maximus likes to say} of his apple. Don’t worry, Bryan is cropped out of the picture! 🙂










We headed back inside to catch a break from the sun. Next up was a creepy area that had a glass portion to the floor where you could look down many stories. Maximus didn’t even know he was running over it. Again, I sat on the bench and chose not to look out the window or stand on the glass.










A daddy and his boy touring the facilities. There isn’t much that I love more than these two.










Again not noticing that this glass looks really far down. The boys are inspecting some really cool spiders. ICK! This boy mom stuff is going to be hard!

We had a great time visiting with family during our quick trip to Minneapolis. We enjoyed the chef’s delicious meals and Maximus enjoyed playing with his cousin and all his toys! And, I’m thankful that my phone takes good enough pictures to substitute for the camera since we already had a lot of stuff with us and didn’t want to take one more thing!



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