Maximus Funnies

Maximus is growing up quickly nowadays. He spends all his wakeful hours talking and moving. Running, climbing, playing, and talking.

Here’s the funny things he’s been doing and saying lately.

  • After being away from Wrigley for the first time in his life, we came home and he went to let Wrigley out of his kennel. Maximus walked into the guest room {soon to be baby brother’s room!} and kept saying, “Hi Giggy! Hi Giggy!” He was still saying it after he let him out and they had both gone into the living room. I guess he was telling him he missed him. šŸ™‚
  • Maximus was back-and-forth between the living room where I was and the bathroom where Bryan was getting ready. He brought me a hair pin, “here mommy” and had one of my brushes. “Mommy on,” he said when I hadn’t put the pin in. Then he started brushing my hair. He turned my head once and hit my glasses. “Sooy, sooy, sooy, mommy.” It was the first time he’s said sorry and he kept saying it over and over to apologize.
  • After an hour in the car during a 4 1/2 hour trip, Maximus kept repeating my name. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I was driving so I finally said, “yes, Maximus?” “All done!” He announced that he was done riding in the car. Later that same ride, he announced, “All done! Home!” And when he thought we were getting back in the car he said, “No more bye-bye!” {The ride home was much easier, we got two hours of a nap in!}
  • One day we Skyped with Bryan on the phone. Maximus didn’t skip a beat. He came running up to the phone and waved, “Hi daddy!” Later in the conversation he grabbed the phone from me and kissed Bryan. His connection was spotty so he couldn’t tell what was going on, but it was adorable! After ever phone call, Maximus would pick up my phone and see the picture of him and Bryan. He’d say another “Bye-bye daddy!” and then kiss the phone before going back to play.
  • Throughout the week that Bryan was gone, he’d ask where Bryan was. I learned long ago to let the question fade into space. If you give the wrong answer it can be meltdown inducing. Maximus usually answers himself in the mornings, “Daddy urk!” {work} During Bryan’s travels, he asked once and answered, “daddy potty!” Then he cocked his head and said, “daddy, urk.”
  • We were on the Minneapolis bus and he was loving it. When we got off, he waved at the bus driver until he drove away.
  • He is fascinated with airplanes. We talked about them a lot when Bryan was traveling and daddy was on one. My sister-in-law lives right by the Minneapolis airport so he got to see all kinds of “air pames!” and learned the difference between and airplane and helicopter. A true boy!
  • I was trying to get a little more sleep when Bryan got up with Maximus. Maximus repeatedly asked where I was. Bryan kept telling him I was still sleeping. Maximus ran into our bedroom and excited yelled, “mommy! Night-night!” When I rolled over to look at him he said, “mommy, up! mommy, bowl!” He told me I had to get up to eat breakfast. He’s a bossy little guy!
  • While Bryan was gone, Maximus started waking up in the mornings by saying, “mommy HERE!”
  • I was hanging some baby clothes up in the guest closet and Maximus kept saying, “mine!” because they had been in his closet. I said, “these are for your baby brother so they go in here because this will be his room.” It was the first time we’d really said much and Maximus immediately said, “baybee brodur.” Bryan had just gotten home from his trip and said, “I didn’t know he could say that!” I reassured him that it was the first time. He’s pretty good at repeating it if we say it now. šŸ™‚

At 25 months, he sure is a funny kid to listen to! We’ve reached the, do-not-say-something-you-don’t-want-the-toddler-to-repeat phase.

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