Nothing good happens after midnight

It’s 1 am and I can’t sleep. That’s pretty common lately but usually it’s midnight when I crash. I’m in too much pain to sleep. {Insert lots of swear words at very loud decibels. OUCH!}

Today, I decided that my foot incision hurts WAY worse than my stomach. My conclusion? Fat. There’s no fat on the side of my foot. I have no idea if this actually makes sense. But I am *pretty* sure that this hurts a lot more. I remembered not enjoying the first few days but this seems like a lot longer and stronger.

I stopped taking my pain meds last week when the swelling and throbbing went down. That’s when I could really focus on the burning of my incision. And pain meds didn’t help. I’d say I’m feeling about 5-6 on the pain scale. I’d be willing to try a pain pill just for kicks but I can’t wake my husband. He was up working until midnight and his day starts in 5 quick hours. Instead I hope to distract myself long enough for a numbness to take over the pain. {This is my second phone distraction attempt.}

I’m getting my cast off and stitches out Friday morning. I’m ready to get this cast off because it’s too big since my foot isn’t swollen anymore. But I’m not excited about the whole process. The idea of the cast bumping and rubbing against my incision while they cut it off. And then removing my stitches. Well, it’s not my idea of a fun Friday. I do hope that the next phase offers me some relief. It’ll be another few weeks before I can put any weight on it so I’m still rendered helpless, but at least it’s a step move in the right direction.

Anyone else tired off broken foot whiny posts? Yah, me too. It’s even worse in my head. I can’t pick up Maximus, I can’t make myself food, I can only manage 1-2 baths a week, I can’t be upright for much more than 10 minutes, I can’t help with Maximus at all, I can’t help with the dog at all, I can’t pick up the toys, I can’t clean the kitchen, and I can’t do laundry. I’ve tried a few of the house things and it’s not easy. It ends in a half completed projected and a throbbing foot. Not to mention an elevated heart rate and usually I’ve broken a sweat.

I don’t know how people do bedrest. I’m halfway and it’s gotten the best of me. Sure, I’ve got plenty to do. I’m watching tv series on Netflix, movies, soaps, reading books, making baby books online, picking things out for the house, and messing around on my new laptop. It’s not that I’m actually bored. It’s that mentally I’m done. Ready to hop off the couch and walk into the kitchen. I’m ready to ditch the crutches! It takes a toll to watch your family struggle in front of your eyes and know you can’t do anything. Because I see the tired eyes of my husband while he waits for bedtime (only to start working), I won’t wake him to ask for pills. Even though I’m starting to think this pain is as bad as post surgery.

The good news is that by the time anyone reads this, I won’t be experiencing this kind of pain. After all, the alarm goes off in 4 hours!

Someday my posts won’t be so whiny. Just stick with me a little longer. Plus! Funny / cute Maximus pictures are scheduled for Friday morning too. Focus on those instead. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nothing good happens after midnight

  1. Lacey

    You just said exactly what I’m feeling! Just getting into bed one handed with your non dominant hand is the utmost challenge of my day! Sleeping on my back is getting old, too. Although, I must say that brushing my teeth is getting much easier. I cant imagine having an infant at this point. Youre a tough gal! But like u said, I’m longing for the day when I can shower or bathe more than 1-2x/wk and wash my own hair. April cannot get here soon enough!

    1. It’s kind of reassuring to have someone else know how I’m feeling! It makes me feel a little better about being whiny. We should hang together. I’ll put your hair in a ponytail!

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