Daylight expenses

I just spent the past 30 minutes writing a blog post. And putting images in. Then it froze. And then lost my post. I am angry. Very angry. But you should be happy that you don’t have to read it.

Lots of things running through my head.

Daylight savings blows. I turn my back to the kid who came up with it. He clearly didn’t spend any time with kids. Maximus went to bed at 7:15. So help me. He better not wake up at 5. And maybe tomorrow he’ll last longer than 6:30. Ugh.

My husband has the flu. There isn’t much worse than a sick man. Am I right? Maybe an unrealistic toddler who can’t communicate his tiny orders. Little dude sure can grunt, point, and throw a tantrum with the best of the children talkers. Whew.

I’m trying to do a load of laundry each night so I don’t spend my weekends doing it. So far, I washed a load of whites. And then promptly forgot them. After losing a post, they are folded. WIN! I also want to do some cleaning each night so it’s not left to the weekend. So far, major fail.

I need to start exercising so I have some more energy and like my body a little more. Maybe tomorrow.

I had my hair “done” tonight. I feel silly saying this out loud because I’m not typically someone who puts much into my hair. I got a treatment done that straightens my hair. It was pretty expensive, but hope it makes my life easier. Like maybe an extra 20 minutes of sleep each day and time for breakfast. But, I can’t wash my hair tomorrow. Eck.

I yawn all day long. Is that normal? Or related to my lack of exercise?

I know. This wasn’t very enlightening. And there were no pictures. Blame my overwhelmed brain on the first. And wordpress on the second.

You’re welcome.

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