Fall fun

In true fall fashion, my little family went to the apple orchard to pick some apples.







What we didn’t consider was the work trip my husband and I were taking the following week. We picked apples with visions of apple crisp and yummy afternoon snacks. We have returned from our trip and I have no idea what happened to the apples. I hope that Maximus and my parents enjoyed them because there are only three left. 🙂

Belive it or not, I’ve never been apple picking. And I’m embarrassed to say it wasn’t even my idea. One of our friend’s suggested it and I’m so glad she did! We took the out-of-towners and headed for some late afternoon fun. It was the perfect way to show them our town and also catch up.

Maximus and mommy

With Maximus snuggled up close, we both watched in awe as apples were picked from trees. The owners told us they had already had 30,000-40,000 visitors so we’d have better luck if we headed to the back of the orchard. They didn’t say how many visitors they get in a typical year, but in a town of 30,000 I can understand their amazement!

Maximus enjoys eating apples. {He hasn’t met a food he hasn’t liked, but still.} Like most other foods we give him, they get peeled and cut up into little bites. Bryan grabbed an apple to see if we liked that kind. I quickly stole a bite when Maximus was turned the other direction. But, when babywearing, it’s hard to get anything past the baby that you are….wearing. He noticed my chewing and tried to prie open my mouth with his chubby little fingers. To quiet the onset of the crying {friends without kids, ya know}, Bryan handed him the apple. To our childless friends, the kid was eating an apple. To the parents of this toddler, he was EATING an apple. Like straight from the apple. With skin! We beamed with pride at this “big boy” thing he was doing. And then let him hold on to the sticky apple for the rest of the pickin’. {We weren’t born yesterday. No apple. No happy Maximus.}
But sometimes the apple chompin’ is a little too sour and the only way to deal is by puckering up your face.
And then distract yourself by looking at pumpkins. With your apple of course.
I can’t wait to continue with this new family tradition again next year. And maybe I’ll even make an apple crisp or pie.

4 thoughts on “Fall fun

  1. So cute! We didn’t make it to any apple orchards/pumpkin patches/nothing. 🙁 Oh well…there’s always next year.

    1. Part of me was really excited for the fall pictures. 🙂

  2. I am still in shock that he is WALKING!

    1. Haha. Yes, he’s a pro now!

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