Life with a teething toddler

Content has come and gone over the past month. When there are spare minutes, blogging doesn’t even cross my mind. Usually I only think about it when I’m headed to bed. And seriously, who wouldn’t pick sleeping?

It’s been a less than perfect month. First, there was two weeks of CRABBY toddler. About a week in I had the advantage of seeing inside the mouth of the crying toddler. Much to my surprise I spotted not one, or two, but THREE swollen molar gums. It all started getting clear. The crying at bedtime, the fussiness all day, and wanting to be held 24/7. I pulled out the Tylenol and within 10 minutes I had a completely different baby. He even played by himself while I cooked supper. It was a-m-azing! We took to giving him something when he got bad. It wasn’t the same baby, but it was better than the non-medicated one.


Just when it seemed the molars were under control, he got sick! Like lots and lots and lots of snot. Then he got a cough. And then he got a fever. We dealt with the cold and gave out lots of love and snuggles. Two weeks after it started, we finally felt like it was going away.

Then, the crabby came back. One molar popped all the way through and is slowly making it’s way in. Another has just started to poke through and the final one is taking its sweet time. 🙁

After another few days of crabby, his attitude slowly started turning around! Maximus has mandated a few early nights, but we quickly oblige. After all, he’s got multiple sharp objects protruding from his baby gums.


Finally, Saturday morning the happiest little guy woke up. The giggles for no apparent reason, the yelling, and the playing. All things that have been gone for the past month. And the eating! Well, the little pig is back!

In fact, he’s been playing by himself for over an hour. Bringing a ball to me to throw, using his Cars truck to mow the carpet, building with his blocks, playing with DVDs, and reading a book.

It’s been a long month around this house. I hope it’s a long time until those two-year molars come in!


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  1. Hehe. Attia totally gnaws on my leg legs/arms/neck/collarbones like that. Isn’t Tylenol a magical mystical teething unicorn? Sweet Jesus, that stuff is magic. Hope the molars hurry up!

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