Weekend projects

This weekend we decided on a last minute home project. I’ve been itching for some paint on the walls. We live in a house that was all painted contractor khaki. It’s a great color but gets old after the first room. We’ve done a little painting here and there but not nearly as much as either of us promised when we moved in.

For someone with a painting background, my husband is horrible at making decisions. He knows too much and wishes too many changes (white trim). In the past, I’ve offered suggestions but the final decision has come down to him. This time I went out and got some samples and picked the color! He didn’t second guess on my guest bedroom choice and we both really like it. (Well, I really like it and it’s growing on him.) And, he even let me help a little. Granted, I was toddler chasing during most of the painting time.

I’m happy to say that within two weeks of deciding to paint, the room is put back together! Now our guest bedroom is ready for a weekend full of guests! (Hopefully the guests don’t care that the only thing on our walls is paint. I know he won’t ruin a fresh paint job by putting in holes!)



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