Busy, busy, busy bees

Sunday was the most productive day our house has seen in a very long time. The day started with potential because adult bedtime started at 9:45 the night before. After 10 hours of sleep, our house was ready to take on the day!

By 10 am the house had been vacuumed, dishes done, and everyone had eaten a big breakfast.

By noon, a baby nap had happened, laundry had been done, showers done, bathrooms cleaned, grocery list and meal planning for the month, and we’d eaten lunch.

By 2, we’d washed the car and bought a months worth of groceries. The kitchen had been cleaned and the baby had been played with.

By 4, the baby had decided NOT to nap and had spent an hour babbling to himself in his room. One meal had been put together and was cooking on the stove. One set of grandparents had arrived and the screaming and giggling was INTENSE.

By 6, a giant meal had been made to split between us, my brother’s family (new baby), a friend who loves the meal, and my mom who was ogling over the smells. That nights supper had also been made. Another load of dishes had been done. And lots and lots of playing had happened. Along with some baby wrestling matches.

By 8, the baby had been asleep for 30 minutes. The mama had a margarita in hand and a Netflix movie on the tv. And of course, my feet were up and I was kicking back!

What a LONG day! I’m sure I left out little details. Some days it’s a lot of work just taking care of a baby. Yesterday was a day for the record books. We got a huge jumpstart on the week ahead and hopefully that momentum will follow us through. If all the planning pays off we should have a pretty good chance.

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy bees

  1. I feel productive just reading that!

  2. Sara V

    Could you come here and help us get in shape? I’m so impressed!

    Fiona is trying to help by being a not sick “sick” baby who got sent home from day care. Unfortunately mama also has real work to do!

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