A Texas heart

My work travels have brought me to Austin, Texas this week. I’ve been to Texas a few times, but this is my first time in Austin. I’ve been pretty busy with work, but have had the chance to experience my surroundings a little bit. I got a driving tour of the Univeristy of Texas campus, saw the stadium {holy HUGE!}, drove down 6th street, and have eaten at some delicious restaurants. Instead of going the normal work route, I chose to stay with a friend {a co-worker who was just a co-worker until a year ago} instead of a hotel. I’ve had a personal chauferr service, a 10-month old to entertain me, and some home-cooking! This week has ranked up there in my best weeks of work travel! I owe 90% of it to my host. Her son has gone to bed past his bedtime, gotten her up really, really early in the morning, and she had her air conditioner die {hello, 100 degrees, yo}. This southern hospitality {or did it originate from her midwest upbringing?!} is pretty spectacular. It makes a mama not spend so much time missing her baby. Thoughts of him don’t creep into my brain once all the other problems come slithering in. I can focus on the task at hand…taking in as much information as possible. I’ll deal with it later and by that time I’ll be home to snuggle my own little guy. He’ll probably be a foot taller by then and speak 100 words per minute, but I know he’ll still have time for his favorite mommy. {Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?}

Tonight I got to have dinner with a couple of old friends. {Being friends from long ago, not old in age.} It was so great to see girls {sisters} who were such a big part of my high school. We spent a lot of time talking about the high school reunion that none of us went to. I’d give up going to my reunion over again if it means I get to have a reunion with those two girls! I had such a good time and have missed both of them! I open my arms to change, but there’s something that makes the heart happy when relationships are still the same. As my gracious host said, “they complete each other. It was almost as if they were twins the way they were complimenting each other’s thoughts.” My thoughts exactly; what a great couple of gals!

Tomorrow morning I hop on a plane, then sit in an airport, then get on another plane, and then get in my car and drive home. After that you’ll find me sitting on the floor of my living room playing with stackable cups {hello, best microphone ever} and stealing forehead kisses at every chance I get!

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