11 months

11 months
June 29, 2011

I almost missed this day! I was traveling and lost track of the days and thought it was still June 28th. Bryan had to tell me the date that night when we were talking on the phone. Opps! {Does that mean I was having a lot of fun or not a lot of fun?}

I don’t feel like there are a lot of changes from month 10 to 11. I feel like every day he is a little bit closer to being a toddler.

July_2011 042_redo
First time in the pool

This weekend Maximus finally learned to clap the “correct” way. Before it had been an awkward hitting of the tops of his hands. We knew it was a clap, but it just wasn’t there. Maximus was sitting on the kitchen floor while I was putting away some dishes. I looked down and he was clapping real big. When Bryan got home that night I told him about the new “trick.” Bryan and Maximus both started clapping. Bryan told me as a father his duty is to always one up his children. Bryan went off on some clapping beat and Maximus’ eyes got bigger and bigger. We both watched his world get blown by the awesomeness that could be clapping! After he regained his composure, he showed daddy what he could do. Bryan laughed and said it was so awesome because he was so animated and dramatic about it. Big ol’ claps! The best part wasn’t that my son figured something out. It was the glimmer in my husband’s eyes. I went back and forth from watching the action and watching Bryan see his son do something for the first time. Bryan’s look was of pure astonishment and more love than can be put into words. I’m so thankful that I got to witness this amazing moment!

Maximus has also been trying to snap. He makes a very quiet noise and has the motion down pretty well. Bryan snapped in front of him last week and almost immediately he was trying to mimic him. It’s amazing how he’s watching and learning so quickly. He’s trying to blow raspberries so we spent a while practicing this weekend. He gets so into it and wants you to show him how to do it. He’s also trying to rub his fingers against his lips and make noises. {That’s hard to explain…motor boat sounds?}

We hear a lot of “eh” and “uh.” The funniest times are when one of us says something and then he says, “eh?” He also says that a lot and points at stuff. It’s awesome that he’s asking us what things are without using words. {Awesome that he’s learning. Not saying it wouldn’t be awesome if he wasn’t talking.} The past couple of weeks he’s also gotten really into having us read one of his books. He has a first words and pictures book. Neither of us love the book, but he does! He points at it and hands it to us while saying, “eh.” One day last month, Bryan worked with Maximus on knowing that the picture of the car was the same as his toy car. I didn’t know this and was reading him the book when I said car he turned and picked up his car. If I hadn’t been sitting on the floor I might have fallen down. I shouted across the room at Bryan and he told me he’d taught him that in a day. We’re finding these kind of things often lately. Peek-a-boo {daycare} and vrooming cars {my mom and daycare}.

I can’t believe that Maximus will be one year old in just a few weeks! This year has flown by faster than I could have imagined. I am so thankful to be Maximus’ mommy! I know how truly blessed I am and I don’t take any of it for granted.

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