The Internet Affect

The joy of posting things on the Internet is that you almost always jinx yourself. For example, I’ve seen a lot of mama’s brag about sleeping habits on Twitter. The next thing you know, their baby is awake. It’s a rookie mistake {unless you enjoy playing with fire}. I will admit that I’ve been known to get overly confident in my son’s sleeping habits and have told the Internet’s. Sometimes it has come back to bite me. Sometimes not. This was the last thing on my mind when I posted yesterday’s blog. I was looking for an outlet. I was sharing my “pain” with y’all.

It turns out that this alleged law still holds true! Last night, Maximus was fed, bathed, nursed and fast asleep in his crib by 7:20. It’s a miracle! Our sleeping has resumed! Although, he still stuck to the 6:00 am wake up, which means I take care of him before getting ready instead of after. So, while he may have gotten back on track, this mama may have to push his bedtime back a little to match our morning schedule! Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll enjoy the extra “helper” roaming the bathroom. Who doesn’t need someone pulling on their straightener cord or playing with toilet paper? It seems like a logical addition to my morning routine!

{Please note: I have not jinxed our routine. It become null and void if you discuss two opposites of the same topic. FACT.}

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