Maximus: Seven Months

Seven months! We are officially closer to a one year old than a newborn! That means I could start planning THE birthday party!

Maximus is a busy little guy lately. He’s always moving or jabbering. This is what he’s been up to this month:

  • Bouncing in our arms.
  • Standing up in our arms.
  • Sitting up on his own, with the occasional sideways topple.
  • Rolling to get to places.
  • Using his arms to get him to things that aren’t his.
  • Wiggling his body into all kinds of positions to get to the remote or my phone.
  • Putting everything in his mouth, even when he doesn’t like it. The faces are hilarious, but it keeps going back in.
  • Having his first real cold, which includes waking up with snot all over his face. Yuck!
  • Grabbing at Wrigley when he walks by.
  • Pulling on Wrigley’s feet when he’s sleeping.
  • Watching Wrigley’s every move.

He’s still taking 4-5 bottles a day. I’m still nursing and pumping. And we haven’t given him any solid foods yet. He’s content with what we’ve got going now and will have the rest of his life for solids. 🙂

Sleep schedule:

  • Wakes between 6:30-8:30 (weekday vs weekend).
  • Takes an hour nap about two hours after he gets up.
  • Takes a 30 minute nap right before lunch.
  • Takes a one-two hour nap after lunch.
  • Takes a 30-60 minute nap before supper.
  • Goes to bed around 7:30.
Scooting around

Maximus knows no stranger and loves to smile and talk to anyone. He’s content sitting on someones lap playing with a toy or rolling around on his own.

3 thoughts on “Maximus: Seven Months

  1. He is such a cutie!!! I’m impressed by his sleep/nap schedule!

    1. I take almost zero credit for this schedule! The sleeping is his own doing. I started doing the long naps only because he was falling asleep really early at night. But he did adjust well when I started him on a schedule.

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