Project 365: Week 3

Week 3 of project 365 photos.

Monday, January 17: Crying but still playing
My first Project 365 fail. I skipped Tuesday. I have no excuses. I didn’t even remember that I skipped it. I did enjoy dinner with girls and a movie, Country Strong. I had planned on shooting a creative picture of my pizza or movie theater popcorn, but then I was home. Then I was going to do something with my ticket stub. Then I was in bed. So, I skipped my first day. Hopefully there will be few and far between!
Wednesday, January 19: Snuggling with mommy and holding on tight
Thursday, January 20: Taking advantage of some snuggle time by letting Maximus take a nap on me
Friday, January 21: smiles for mommy. Hanging out while daddy plays music.
Saturday, January 22: Playing with mommy on the couch.
Sunday, January 23: Snuggles with daddy while watching football
As always, you can following my Project 365 day-by-day over on my Tumblr site. Yes, I do know how to create hyperlinks. No, WordPress isn’t letting me do them lately. Grr.

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