Rubber ducky marked with a M

Tonight was full of more firsts.

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to take the infant insert out of the bath. Sometime over the weeks of 8 to 12, Maximus had out grown his infant bath. His head didn’t fit in the insert. In fact, he was about a head longer than the insert! I knew he’d been growing but he’d really been working. Taking that insert out was hard. It was proof that he wasn’t a newborn anymore.

We had adjusted to the “big” baby tub and found a new normal. Until tonight…

When Maximus figured out that he could splash around in the water! His chubby little legs were flying through the water! He didn’t notice that he was sending water all over, but I think he loved the feeling of the water when he was kicking. It warmed my heart to see him move around and enjoy his bath. Until tonight, bath time didn’t mean much to him. He laid there and waited for it to be over. I can see that he’s going to enjoy baths!

To celebrate the fun bath time, I took a leap and put 6 month jammies on him after I slathered him with yummy lotion. A baby’s head is pretty delicious anyway, but add baby lotion and this momma doesn’t stand a chance! His little head screams “kiss me!” Fresh, new pjs and a full belly make for a great nights sleep for everyone. But I know my little babe will sleep extra good because his days are full of lots of new things.

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