Showering a bride with love…and gifts

I traveled 3.5 hours south this weekend to spend some time with my long-time friend, Casey. I headed out Friday afternoon so I could get a jump on the SNOW that was coming our way. And by our, I mean to Iowa and Missouri. I arrived to see my friend in flip-flops as I froze in the 40 degree Missouri wind. She explained to me that it had been really warm hours before. So, as I thought I was beating the weather, it’s apparent that I was coming in with it instead. As the night wore on, the snow came. They got a couple of inches just like our friends at home. The only difference was that on Sunday, they still had it and the further north I traveled, the warmer the temps got. I was surprised to arrive home to 50 degree weather and no trace of snow. It’s not very often that Iowa is warmer than Missouri in March, but I was thankful last night!

Besides visiting my buddy, I also got to tag along to her first bridal shower! She might be the one to blame for the late March snow, because this shower was canceled four weeks earlier due to a blizzard. I enjoyed meeting two other bridesmaids who I’ve heard about for years. I quickly caught on to why these two girls are such a big part of my friend’s life. I know we’re going to have a blast on April 24. And if someone isn’t have fun, we’ll be having enough fun for them! Most of you know that I try to surround myself with positive, fun-loving people. These two girls fit right in with Casey and I. I just hope they can sleep in and lay around with the best of them! 🙂

I met this beautiful girl when I was four years old.
We spent 14 years having slumber parties and playing softball.


I know the next (almost) five weeks will fly by for this special bride-to-be. My hope for her is that she has a beautiful, stress free wedding day. I hope this day is perfect for her. I hope it sets her and her groom-to-be up for a lifetime of happiness. After spending a weekend with the two of them, I am reminded again that he is the perfect man for her. He gets her, makes her laugh, and knows how to mess with her. They complement each other and help each other in the home. I am so excited for my friend to start this next chapter of her life and I can’t wait to watch how their relationship grows over the years. I know I’ll be around to watch it happen, because if you can make it 21 years, you’re bound to last a lifetime!

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