Weekend in review

This almost-spring weekend was great in our house! The sun wasn’t out, but the temperatures were up and that’s good enough for us living in the midwest.

  • We’ve crossed taxes off our list, which is a huge sigh of relief. We’ve gotten rid of that little person on our shoulder reminding us to get them done.
  • Wrigley got to go on a walk. Actually 1.5 if you count the neighborhood stroll he also got to take. His mohawk was up a couple of times when we saw some questionable mutts out walking on our path, but he enjoyed himself a lot. How do we know this? Well, if you haven’t seen this dog prance, well, you’re missing out! He’s got a wicked prance that he pulls out when he’s trying to make others jealous of the amazing walk he’s experiencing.
  • I caught up on some of my DVR list, but still have a lot to go through. I find it very relaxing to watch multiple episodes of my favorite shows. Since becoming pregnant, I spend my nights going to bed early instead of staying up to watch my shows. I usually can’t wait to watch new episodes, but I might enjoy watching them when I can fast forward through commercials and watch multiple at a time.
  • A Saturday morning breakfast date with my husband was refreshing and delicious for our stomachs and minds. We went to a great cafe downtown and enjoyed each other’s company.
  • We took a last-minute trip to Des Moines to pick up a bridesmaid dress for a wedding next month. I have yet to try it on to see what the damage is, but I’m very excited to have a hurricane (blue) dress back in my closet, again! (The first one was returned after I realized there was no way I would fit into it.) Our trip also provided me the opportunity to splurge at my favorite Mongolian grill. It was packed, but well worth the wait and crowd surfing!
  • We did some furniture browsing to get an idea of the money involved in a nursery. We didn’t make any decisions or pick anything out, but it was good to see the price ranges involved. It’s a step closer to bringing this baby home and right now I’m relishing in the happiness of all the possibilities! I know it will all be over quicker than I thought, so I’m not worrying about rushing into any decisions right now. We’ll decide what this nursery looks like after we know some more about Little Baby Leger.

Like I said, we didn’t have any real sunshine, but there was a lot of sunshine in our house this weekend. As the weather warms up in the coming weeks, I look forward to longer, warmer, and happier weekends. As the future unfolds around us, I know every weekend will be filled with new joys and experiences and I look forward to what is to come in the next five months.

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