Quinten {18 months}: sweet and ornery in one

My poor second child only gets pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram. He doesn’t have a baby book and there is no documentation of his awesomeness. {Full disclosure: Maximus has a baby book, but nothing is in it.}

18 – 19 months seems to be his sweet spot. {Knock on wood and cross all the crossables} He sleeps. He eats {a lot}. He talks {and yells a lot}. He runs. He plays. He climbs. He gives hugs and kisses. And he fights with Maximus {and the dog}.

Some of his recent highlights:

  • This week he started calling Wrigley by name, “WreeWree NOO!” His favorite ways to communicate with Wrigley: “WreeWree GIT DOWN!” “WreeWree NO!” “WreeWree GIT UPP!” Yes, that’s all yelling. And sometimes he runs across the living room yelling at him with his hand up in the air ready to hit him. He’s bossy, err, he has great management potential. {Probably better work on the hitting part before he gets his first job.} This morning when he saw Wrigley for the first time he said very nicely, “HIII WreeWree! Mommy WreeWree!” This is progress.
  • Kisses. I love when little guys learn to give kisses. We had some hit-or-miss attempts a few months back, but we were a little too close to the biting stage so we tried not to promote it too much least we get teeth marks on our faces. It transitioned into him giving you his cheek so he could get a kiss. It was the most nonchalant, bored look a baby could give. Kiss me if you must lady. {Maybe from all the chubby cheek kisses I’ve been giving him since he was born?} Now, he gives you his pursed lips. Then comes back for two more, each time with his mouth open a little more. It’s the sweetest. All the love and milk I’ve given him over the past year-and-a-half are paying off. 😉


    Rare quiet moment

  • We had a very short episode of tantrums over things he wasn’t supposed to have. Mostly phones. And Wrigley’s water dish. We had awful flashbacks to Maximus at 18-months and remembered the horrible tantrums he threw. Quinten’s were short-lived because he decided it was really fun to give them to you. At the same time he learned to say, “Dear Doe.” {Translation: Here you go.} At first he always said, “Tank you.” Until he realized that’s what we’re supposed to say when he gives us something.


    Professional mess maker

  • Getting his own shoes. It’s the little things that help us get out of the house a few minutes sooner. Everyone with thumbs, get your own shoes! However, Quinten spends a good chunk of time bringing everyone shoes, all day long. “Dear Doe!” He’s a doer, just like the rest of the boys in my house.
  • Asking for more food. He’s developed multiple ways of doing this. “Eat!” “More more!” And running to his high chair and yelling non-words.Quinten’s meals go like this: start feeding him fruits before supper is ready, give him the main course and veggies, give him the second round when you sit down to eat your food, and give him food off your plate while you eat, and sometimes give him crackers after you’re done eating. Then he hands you his plate and yells when you clean him up. At some point, Maximus usually pawns some of his food off in a disguise of being helpful. We know it’s just his way of getting food off his plate. Quinten will eat anything. He favorites are broccoli, crackers, and milk. He chugs milk. At 18-months he switched to whole milk 100% of the time. It was a good time for us to end our mama-baby milk relationship and he took it pretty well. He had a few moments of weakness the week after we stopped, but no major setbacks.


    Hotel living

  • He sings songs. His favorite is Old McDonald. On the weekends {the only time he wakes on his own}, he stands in his crib and sings “ey yi ey yi o.” He also really likes dancing to music. Singing songs has been Maximus’ way of helping calm him down in the car. It started a few months ago after daycare when Quinten didn’t want to be in his seat. Maximus usually sings the ABC’s first and then Wheels on the Bus. Quinten has been known to participate by clapping and yelling, “YA!” at the end of the songs.
  • Over the past week, Quinten has gotten into pointing out semis and trucks. He watches them from our living room windows and when he’s in the car. “Ohhh! CA! CA!”
  • He loves birds, which he also watches from our living room. He sees a lot of them and points and yells “bidie!” He thinks all animals are puppies. And seems to love them all. At a wedding last weekend, there were two cats roaming around and he loved pointing and yelling at them, but didn’t like it when they turned around to come towards him. A beagle showed up during the reception and I told Quinten I saw a puppy like Wrigley. I put him down on the ground and he full on sprinted out of the barn into the grass and ran right up to the dog and petted her. {We know the dog and Bryan was right next to her when I let him down.} He was way nicer to Maggie than he has ever been to Wrigley. He’s definitely ready to have his mind blown at the zoo!
18 months, park

Loves the park and climbing

  • His communication has blown up over the past month. He is still rear-facing in the car and he calls out to Bryan or I and then tries to have a conversation. He loves saying “hi” to people. Usually people he knows, but the more comfortable he gets with an environment {doesn’t take too long}, the more he starts yelling at everyone else.
  • He continues to love water – splashing it, dumping it on his head, and drinking it. We haven’t made it to the pool this year, but I know he’ll love it and give me a run for my money {along with a couple of heart attacks}.


    IN the flower pot

His stats are pretty consistent with the past year. He’s 85% in weight at 26 pounds and some ounces. His height is somewhere in the 75% range at 31 1/2 inches. And I think his head continues to be around that same percentage as well. I have reached the dreaded clothes confusion point. Last week, Maximus asked me why Quinten was wearing his shorts. It was the end of the day. It turns out they were Maximus’ shorts. Whoops! So he’s apparently wearing anywhere from 18 months {a little snug} to 4T.

He’s a busy second child. Lobbying {yelling} for attention from Bryan and I. He’s bringing out the competitive side in Maximus, while they both try to get held by me first. Physically climbing and pushing each other over to get up first. He screams and cries when he doesn’t get to go outside with everyone else. He relaxes into the stroller when we go for walks. And he grabs the closest musical toy when the drums and guitars come out. He gives the sweetest, longest snuggle hugs and passes out hard when he sleeps. He’s the best mixture of sweet and ornery in one vibrant, happy baby.

Dirt, trucks, and pretend

It took turning three to really get into trucks and dirt. Since his birthday, a switch got flipped and he’s 100% boy now. Dirt playing, rock hauling, vroom making, boy. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen him do lately. I still vividly remembering him trying to drive cars around when he was 9 months old. I was amazed that he was making a vroom sound and just knew to drive things. He quickly lost interest and a part of me was a little sad that he wasn’t into it. If I’m being honest, it was probably the part that would have paid good money for JUST.FIVE.MINUTES of quiet. {Who am I kidding, I STILL would pay good money.}

He got a train set for his birthday and surprised us by being really into it right away. I felt a little bad that we hadn’t ever gotten him one, but he hadn’t shown a lot of interest in his other cars so we didn’t think about it. I’m glad he got one when he could really get into it and enjoy it. He does get a little frustrated with building the track. And he really doesn’t like it when Baby Godzilla smashes it or puts the tracks in his mouth! We’ve reached the phase where we need to tell him to take a deep breath and try again when something doesn’t work. We want him to figure this stuff out, but he can get so frustrated if it doesn’t. It’s a work in progress!

Created by Maximus!

Created by Maximus!

Besides the quiet time we’re granted with his new interest, it’s pretty awesome to watch him play and pretend. He’s been playing pretend a lot this summer. “Mommy, pretend I’m a scary dinosaur.” “Mommy, let’s pretend we are going to sleep on the couch.” I wasn’t exactly sure how boys played with trucks and trains. It turns out it is just like anything else. I walked outside the other night and he was playing down along the house in the dirt. He had his tractors mowing the dirt, his dump truck was there to pick up dirt, and his paver was there to erase the mower lines so he could start all over. He didn’t know I was on the deck so I sat there listening for a few minutes. He was yelling into a used cardboard paper towel roll. “MOMMY! You pick up the mess and watch Quinten!” (I had told him I couldn’t play because I had to watch Quinten until Bryan was back.)

We’re not used to him asking us to come play with him. It’s about the sweetest thing he’s ever asked. “Daddy, can you come play trucks with me?” When I couldn’t because Bryan wasn’t around to watch Quinten, he had the perfect solution. “Bring Quinten out, too. You can shut the gate so he can be out here.” (He wanted me to shut the gate on the deck and leave Quinten while we played in the grass below. Ha!) When I said no because the sun was really bright, he simply said, “no, you can do that.” I felt horrible for not being able to go out there but I told him I’d come play with him as soon as I could. You see, I didn’t realize that Maximus was going to let me play with “daddy’s trucks” and had apparently only asked because Bryan was gone. So when my answer was that as soon as daddy came back I would come out, his response was, “no, he will play with his trucks.”  Ok, then.

We’ve been home a lot lately so he’s had some good chances to play outside. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of dirt or gravel, so he keeps taking the pea gravel from our landscape. Regardless of how many times we ask or tell him not to, he says he has to because he needs to build a gravel road. Obviously we’re still working on listening and doing what mommy and daddy ask. 🙂 I am amazed at the level on concentration that he uses when he’s driving his trucks. I’m used to the crab crawl to move a vehicle, but we’ve advanced into professional truck driver. He lays down on his side and drives them. It must provide the optimal viewpoint because he has told me to do it, too.

Building a gravel road

Building a gravel road

It turns out that three is a pretty cool age! From playing pretend to driving trucks around, Maximus is sure to entertain us a lot this year. And seeing him in this stage makes me even more excited that he’s going to have a little brother beside him vrooming cars and digging in the dirt!


18-months of pure joy

In my house there is a special little boy who fills the silence. His feet can be heard through the house. Thud, thud, thud through the kitchen and halls. An endless chatter of indistinguishable words scattered about real ones. Climbing on couches easily but with a few miscalculated leg lifts that result in both feet still on the ground. Screams, cries, and hand gestures when something doesn’t go his way. Lots of grabbing of phones, remotes, and anything that isn’t made for tiny, chubby hands. Many phone conversations of “ello!” had with iPhones, remotes, and anything else that looks like it would be a good phone. The biggest of helpers when people come over. A little butler who is very quick to show where coats and purses are hung up. He’ll even help take a coat off, err, rather tell you to take it off by trying to do it himself. In case you forget where your shoes are or what they look like, he’ll make sure you’re reminded by bringing them to you. Even if they are wet and you don’t want them. A constant water boy; always taking giant gulps. Regardless of the owner of the water bottle, all share with this little tyke. {Until someone buys you a new one and it’s harder to open! Toddler proof – BAM!} The player of cars that go “groom,” the builder and destroyer of blocks, the thrower of balls, and the banger of drum sticks. This bottomless pit of an 18-month old is quite the special addition to our house. He makes it a home.

Since I don’t remember where I put the baby book, not to mention the last entry was at about 6 weeks. Here’s what he’s doing specifically.

  • Words: Dada, mama, upie (up), giggy (Wrigley), nigh-nigh, more, again (very quietly), buh-bye, hello, apble (apple), nina (Gina), cacker! (cracker), nana (banana), wa wa (water), agua (Spanish for water)
  • Favorite foods: Crackers, water, goldfish, mac and cheese. He doesn’t turn down much of anything.
  • Favorite toys: Drums, blocks, cars, little people zoo, bath ducks, Wrigley