Finding my running groove…again.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened or what pushed me to do it, but all of a sudden I started running again. And it feels really good! My body is by no means in shape, it’s been weeks since I last played softball and that wasn’t exactly putting me in shape. The thing that got me excited about running was starting where I left off on my Couch 2 5K app. Well, that was week five of the program. I seriously gave up five weeks into an eight week program! If I’m going to give excuses, it was because my left hip was hurting me a lot. It hurt when I ran and it hurt for days after. So, I took four months off. I TOOK FOUR MONTHS OFF. Don’t worry, I wasn’t lacking things to do. I was getting up every night to feed Quinten. Well, I guess I was falling on the couch exhausted every night. So, pushing my body through the pain wasn’t something I considered. 🙂

Week five of the program was a little intense. It was definitely 0 activity to running a total of 15 minutes. Of course I didn’t stretch before I did it. I was too excited that Bryan was letting me take a running break while the boys were still awake. I tried to stretch after I ran, but then Bryan used the treadmill so I was back on mommy-duty. I thought I’d definitely be a mess the next day but I surprised myself. My back was a little sore getting out of bed, but I felt good all day! Of course I thought that meant I would have the two-day stiffness. Please tell me everyone else experiences this also. The next day you’re fine, but two days after you’re a hot mess. Like they say, aging is not graceful! And feeling fine the next day is an evil trick on you. You assume that you’re still young and agile. Then, BAM!

I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I decided to run again two days after that first run. I was traveling and my knees were aching from the cramped plane rides so I figured the run would help. Thankfully it did and it helped me sleep great that first night! My legs felt tight during my run but about five minutes in I felt really good. We don’t have a mirror in front of our treadmill at home so it was interesting to watch myself run. I think I picked up on some good things and I could tell the difference in my stride when I was feeling great. While I was running, I was reminded about a time five years ago when I was a consistent runner. I used to go to the Y every day after work and run on the treadmill. Those first few minutes were always brutal, but once I got warmed up it felt so good. Maybe that’s what makes people run races. I’m not sure I have that in me, but I’m enjoying this new motivation!

Last night my program had me running for 20 minutes with a five minute warm up and cool down. I was a little nervous when I saw the details, but I gave it a shot and was amazed at myself! I’m running a few notches below my desired speed, but I’m very impressed with my lungs and legs for getting me through it! The next day, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m a little sore in a few spots on my back and my caves have some tight spots but nothing is screaming that I’m out of shape.

At this point, I’m trying to decide if I should give my body a little more break between runs or if the tightness is ok. The last thing I want is to injure myself right when I’m getting back into the groove. The only question left is, was this a one week kick of motivation or will I actually keep up with it?! I might need some cheerleaders on this one!

C25K week 1: DONE!


I started my running journey with a lot of energy and motivation. I started the program running every other day. It’s only three times a week but it felt like so much more. I felt great and I was excited about running! And then it took me five days to run the third time that first week.

It’s funny how something so good can turn so bad. So quickly. I started making all kinds of excuses and it was a snowball effect. Ironically, that first night was beyond my control. Quinten was awake until close to 10 and Bryan wasn’t home. But after one day with an excuse, the next came much easier. Friday I didn’t want to screw up my clean hair since I only wash it every other day. If that isn’t the worst excuse, I’m not sure what is! Saturday I was too lazy during nap time and I spent it snuggling Quinten. (Justified?) After bed I was too tired.

Sunday I woke up and TOLD myself that I was going to run. Before I took a shower so I couldn’t use that excuse again. I almost excused myself to eat breakfast but I pushed through and did it! After I felt great! I was on a combination high from the run and beating down my excuses.

My little cheerleader came down to check on me. He spends evenings down there with Bryan and Bryan runs FAST.

Maximus: mommy, why you not running? Go fast!
Me: I will in a minute.
(Start running)

That first week was just one hurdle to overcome in this eight week journey. It’s not going to be easy and there will always be excuses, but I’m going to try my hardest to not let them get to me. Maybe you should check on me tonight around 8:30 central. 🙂

Is there something you’re trying to overcome? What keeps you going?

Couch 2 5k [Week 1, Day 1]

I bought new running shoes last weekend. I had no intention of doing any exercising, but we had gift cards for both of us. Unfortunately it’s still very much winter in Iowa so we aren’t taking our new shoes outside anytime soon and going for walks has basically been my only form of exercise since being pregnant with Maximus. Opps! Night after night I’ve listened to Bryan running on the treadmill and it slowly started to get to me. I’d only had the chance to wear mine once to volleyball and I was starting to feel the exercise bug. {This is major! Usually I smile nicely when Bryan mentions exercise. Obviously, then I go back to my phone and eat another Nutty Bar.}

When Quinten was about four or five weeks old I felt well enough to start doing some exercises. I saw way too many pins about toned arms and bodys so I started doing an arm routine. Well, it’s sort of a routine. It’s more like a bunch of different exercises and never the same order or lifts. It’s not quite getting me the results that I’d like, but I’ve also been using five pound weights and not exactly doing it often. {Also not a surprise!} Anyway, lifting weights in my living room was no longer filling my needs. There was also a lot of whining and barking in my house and I was starting to feel tense. For some reason I started thinking about running. Every time someone whined or cried, running popped back into my head. It was suddenly the only way I could make it through the evening. Once these babies go to bed, I can run! I wasn’t sure that I was fully committed yet, so I didn’t say anything to Bryan. Instead I powered through the evening with a smile on my face. During one really loud part of the night, I focused my attention on downloading the Couch 2 5K app. Then I told Bryan what I had done. I’m sure Bryan would have urged me to put on my shoes, but I did it all on my own. {After passing off a baby who was all of a sudden very chatty. He had JUST been asleep in his room.} Looking back, I’m glad I had spent the evening pumping myself up. Otherwise that awake baby would have stopped me in my tracks. He was still awake 35 minutes later when I came back upstairs.

The shoes were great and I love them! This is the second time I’ve bought shoes from professionals who watch you walk and run and find shoes that fit you. I had no complaints about my old Mizuno shoes, but I wanted to try something new. I ended on a pair of Saucony shoes and so far they are perfect. I just love the feeling of new shoes! They give me an extra bounce to my step and fill me with motivation and energy.


I’ve completed Day 1, Week 1 of the C25K program and so far I’m satisfied. When I looked at the schedule, I thought it seemed like a lot of walking and not much running but by the end I had worked up a small sweat. My old routine is to just jump on the treadmill and start running. Usually about half a mile in I’m exhausted and can’t catch my breath. I leave feeling good, but also a little defeated. With this program, I accomplished the goals so I left feeling good about myself. However, I didn’t feel all that great about the body parts that were bouncing. Some are out of my control and even more so depending on when my baby last ate. I may need to get a better handle on that. 🙂 Other parts of my body fall into “last January I broke my foot and had to lay on the couch for six weeks,” “then I basically got pregnant as soon as I was able to walk” excuses. Both could be summarized by this … I haven’t put a lot of focus on myself the past three years. If I’m being honest, I’m not entirely focused on myself now either. I’m semi-motivated to be active again, but just a little. My main purpose is still to grow a baby. It’s at the top of my list right next to, Teach Maximus to Use Words Instead of Whining. One of my favorite parts about this program is that I only have to commit to 30 minutes three times a week. I’m not looking to lose weight, in fact I need to maintain in order to continue to produce the milk that Quinten needs. However, I would like to tone many areas of my body and feel better about myself. I know at some point I’ll be ready to focus on myself again and I hope that I’m laying the foundation for that and getting myself into some good routines that will help even out some of my highs and lows.

How do you stay motivated to exercise?