More clean foods and less processed

I know this isn’t a new concept. Lots of people have been eating well for years. Here’s where people throw things at me. I never thought I needed to eat healthy because I’ve always been small. How ridiculous is it that I thought eating well depended on your size. Or maybe it was more that I just never considered changing my diet because I wasn’t looking for ways to better my body. Still ridiculous. Of course I was active when I was growing up. Sure I “worked out” and “lifted” in college. I got a little more serious after college. {What else does a newly graduated person do who has a full-time job and lots of free time?! Raise your hand if you MISS those days!} Enter kids and all ideas of working out were gone. Let’s be honest, I was in survival mode for quite a while.

Last spring, I decided I needed to change my eating habits. Part of it was this nagging feeling that if I cut out processed foods I might decrease the number of migraines I had. I tested a clean eating plan, tried new foods, and had a weeks worth of clean food ideas. I ate from that menu about 50% of the week, but really got into a clean eating plan this fall. That means I’m eating organic when I can, but focused on vegetables, fruits, proteins, and non-processed foods. I’m looking at labels and looking to avoid more than just high fructose corn syrup or enriched flour. {My previous knowledge.}


I’m not perfect, at all. I’m following the 80-20 rule. I eat healthy 80% of the time and can eat cheat meals 20% of the time. That leaves room for a Starbucks here or there and a lunch date with my husband every once in a while. I try to eat healthier versions when I do go out, but don’t beat myself up or jump back on the unhealthy bandwagon if I eat something that’s “bad.” I also don’t try to eat unhealthy 20% of my week. It’s just there if it happens. I know myself too well, I know I can’t go 100% healthy.


I have a sweet tooth, but have been pleasantly surprised by how well my taste buds have adjusted. The only way I can make it work is with meal planning and food prep.


I like to spend the morning hours on the weekend looking at meal options for the week. I look at our schedule and pick leftovers or crockpot days for the nights we are busy. I try to bring in a new meal each week, usually something I have pinned.

I try to grocery shop on the weekends when I have more time to get everything I need. I usually prep my snacks and lunches the night before. Depending on the snacks and the space in my fridge, I may prep the entire week. That usually only works for fruits or small vegetables. I don’t usually make dinners ahead of time unless life is really crazy, but I do make sure to look ahead to the next night so I can make sure I have everything ready.

What are your favorite healthy recipes?


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