It’s ok, I’ve got your back.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve realized that I really enjoy being there for my friends. I know that seems silly to say out loud. It seems like one of those givens in life. Maybe it’s been a while since I was reminded that I have a purpose outside of my family and job. Being there for my friends makes me feel really good. And who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves?! In what is the craziest, most chaotic phase of my life, doing something and feeling good about it is a pretty big deal. My hands are in so many things right now that I have this cloud hanging over me. It feels like I’m doing an ok job at everything. Things get done but not the way I’d do it if I had an infinite number of free hours to think and plan.

I’m sitting in the bathroom watching Quinten hum a song and congratulate himself on a job well done. I’ve got a lot of great things in my life, but those great things are also causing me a lot of pain and work. It’s nice to be able to be there for someone else. To help them with something. Seems a little like another “thing to do,” but it’s just different. Maybe that’s a sign that I’ve been too busy and I need social interaction!

If Quinten has taught me anything lately, it’s that some days you have to congratulate yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it. Recognize when you’ve done something good and feel happy for yourself. Let your friends tell you thank you and know that they mean it. After all, only the special friends have your back.

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