Real life: taking care of the home

6 thoughts on “Real life: taking care of the home”

  1. Cleaning lady! I know – the cost. I am the cheapskate in our marriage and fought adding it to the budget forever. But the stress. The guilt of the dirty house. Or the exhaustion from trying to get the bathroom cleaned. It was a gamechanger for my mental health. No lie. Ours comes every other week to balance my cheap tendencies with my clean tendencies. With dog and kids, we sweep and vacuum in between. But I know that every two weeks, bathrooms are being scrub and dust is going away. You will be amazed how much of your evenings/weekends are freed up!


  2. You are not alone! I was just thinking this today. I’m at home with my little guy and it’s still so hard. He’s at such an energetic age that it’s both fun and exhausting. I can’t take my eyes off him for a minute so nothing gets accomplished while he’s awake and while he’s napping I can finally eat a meal and give myself a rest. I often do laundry and pick up the house a bit before the next round of play, but actually cleaning just doesn’t happen! I feel guilty but I don’t have it in me! I’d love to hire a cleaning lady but again, the guilt of doing that gets the best of me, too! double edge knife!


    1. We are most definitely our own worst enemy! I can make myself guilty and then I can imagine that I should be guilty if Bryan has to do something. He doesn’t even have to be bothered by it and I’m still feeling guilty!


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