Another week, another trip

I’m sitting in the Des Moines Minneapolis airport. It feels like I’ve been in this place airports a lot over the past few months. When I picked Maximus up from preschool today, I told him I was going to Texas for a few days. He stuck his bottom lip out and quietly said, “Nooo. I’ll miss you.” The last trip I went on was a 7-day trip. {I was supposed to go on a three-day trip the following week. But. E.Coli.} The last trip Bryan went on was a 9-day trip. It makes sense that my kids are a little nervous that they’ll be with one parent for a long time. Heck, I feel a little nervous myself. We’ve all been gone a lot. Even when we’re both home, we’re gone.

When I told him that I’d miss him while I was gone, he cheered up. “I won’t miss you mommy. I’ll talk to you on the phone and then I won’t miss you! And I’ll tell daddy that I want to use the computer so I can see you better.” And just like that, he was over it. To ease his mind a little more, I told him the next time he went to school I’d be home. In his head it’s a long time between school days. But we all know the days pass pretty quick lately. After I get home, it’ll only be another two days until his Halloween party at school. That plus trick-or-treating will be a guaranteed good weekend!

And that’s how we lost the month of October in the blink of an eye.

Nightly drum practice

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