Making sacrifices

The foundation of parenting is sacrificing. I get that. My needs aren’t usually first. It’s a way of life so much that I find myself not doing anything for myself. I get my hair cut regularly but that’s it. And I’m not sure I count that as doing something for myself. 🙂 I’ve struggled so much with getting into a workout routine because I just don’t have anything left to give at the end of the day. It’s exhausting taking care of others!

The boys and I stayed home today. I know enough to only make loose plans. I took them to two grocery stores and to get a haircut for Maximus. They were good! I wasn’t too surprised, but I was happy that they behaved so well.

They both took naps and here’s where it all went wrong … I woke Maximus up after two hours. We had plans to meet a new baby and then look at a bike. I have no idea what went wrong. Somewhere between waking up and putting a shirt on, he lost his mind. LOST HIS MIND. All plans were cancelled and he screamed in his room for an hour. He would calm down and then something would make him mad – Quinten would go in there, Bryan came home, the dog.

I’m used to making sacrifices, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. And it doesn’t mean I don’t still get mad some days. Today really sucked. I had my hopes set on some things and I was let down. Parenting is hard on so many levels.

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