I’m still here…

Blogging is hard when you feel like your life is too busy. I suppose if writing was my priority, then I’d find the time for it. I feel like I spend my days and evenings physically and mentally giving everything I have. By the time I see 8:00 I can’t muster the energy to put out any more. I can whine about it or I can accept it. Right now, I chose to accept it. Much like I’ve done the past 10 1/2 months, I’m taking it a day at a time. I’m guessing that when I get to sleep through the night my perspective and outlook will change a little. In the meantime I’m making small changes to get my life back. Women’s volleyball started back up this month and I’ve been able to go out after! You know, when my responsibilities are sleeping. A couple of times Quinten has blessed me with sleep when I get home. Other times he has gotten up 30 minutes after I’ve gone to bed. You can’t win them all. Being out with my friends is amazing! I didn’t realize how much I needed it. It’s like I’m taking back my life! Conversations with friends! Beers! Staying up late! I love those little boys, but it’s awesome to get out of the house.

September is always busy for me. I organize a pretty big exhibit for my company. I spend months working on the project, but September turns into crunch time. This year I overextended myself in the weeks leading up to the event. That made it seem like I had that much more to do. I had responsibilities and places to be before ever leaving home. Usually I get home from the event and things go back to normal. Not this year. At this point I can barley remember how many weeks ago that trip was. Regardless, I’m traveling again. That’s also pretty standard. A quarterly business meeting usually takes me to Milwaukee in October. During any other year, I don’t typically have commitments in the weeks between. This year, I may have spent more time away from my husband than with him during October. If not, it sure seems like it! Basically, life feels a little crazy right now. I look ahead to my calendar and I’m afraid it’s going to be the middle of November before I even realize it. And that means it’s going to be really cold. Not like the 40 degrees that is out there right now. Or the snow flurries that I saw fall from the sky this afternoon. It will legitimately be cold and summer will feel like an eternity.

At home we’re busy trying to make sure Quinten doesn’t harm himself. His favorite things to do: put things in his mouth, crawl to the stairs (going down), play with the dog’s water dish, climb up and down on the ledge of the island, and play with the patio door curtain. All dangerous things if he isn’t stable. The stairs are dangerous for obvious reasons. The other items are on the tile floor. And, well, he’d chew on the dog if he could.

I’m still here, I’m just taking my time a little. I’m turning off the lights, sitting in front of the tv, and eating Oreos.

What have you been up to?

Quinten: 10 months

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