Fun Mommy

I’m more like “same routine mommy.” We do the same things and play with the same toys and do the same activities.

I’m ok with it. I think Maximus is ok with it. We don’t do new, exciting things, but I pay attention to him. We do puzzles, he makes hot chocolate (pretend), we read books, we color, we sing songs, we cut up paper and then glue it down, we paint, and we snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse.

My maternity leave is almost up and the weather hasn’t been that bad and Quinten can survive more than two hours between feedings, sometimes. So I’ve taken Maximus to Tot Town a few times. It’s an open gym for toddlers. He LOVES it! He runs from toy to toy, turning back to look at me and say, “on mommy. On!”

I may not normally take him on new adventures, but right now he’s having a lot of fun with mommy!






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