Unconditional love

The funny thing about being a toddler mommy is that sometimes you can’t wait until they are a sleep and then you promptly start to miss them. Most nights I fall asleep smiling to myself about that funny little character sleeping in the other room. Toddler’s can be so frustrating…and I know it’s completely mutual. He’s frustrated that I can’t figure out what he’s talking about or that I’ve told him no and I’m frustrated at what he wants to do.

Today, he didn’t want to go down for a nap. Mommy desperately needed a nap time so I could rest. He cried and didn’t want to go to sleep, but still headed towards his room. {It always surprises me when this happens.} Then, he spent the first hour talking in his bed. I paid attention for a while, but for the most part he was just talking to himself. He never asked me to come get him so I went about my task {organizing the papers that pile up in the kitchen}. He finally fell asleep and I decided I needed a snack and to put my feet up for a while. Until this point I didn’t have any music or the tv on. All of a sudden the house was VERY quiet and lonely. I think his voice was my background music or like I was having a conversation with someone who didn’t require watching. {You know, hear but can’t see and don’t have to deal with.} I hate weekend tv, there never seems to be anything on. I tried the Olympics but it was mens basketball, wrestling, and then mens volleyball. There wasn’t a lot going on the Internet and I wasn’t in the mood to read or take a nap.

Instead I thought about how fast things can change from one minute to the next. One minute he’s an exhausting toddler using up every ounce of my energy and body. The next, my heart aches for him and it takes every ounce to not go scoop him up. I guess that’s what being a mommy is all about – loving unconditionally and forgetting your children’s faults.

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