Growing up too fast

Without caring what we think, Maximus is growing up before our eyes. On Sunday he woke up from his nap and chattered away for a solid few minutes without take a breath. Once he stopped, Bryan looked at me and was astonished by all the talking. Granted, we didn’t know what he was saying because none of them were actual words. But he sure was telling quite the story. I love when he raises his eye brows when he talks. His animated little face cracks me up. Such serious business when he’s got things to say. {Facial expressions come from Bryan.} Our daycare provider told Bryan that he talks non-stop during the day. So, we’ve got that to look forward to! 😉

The middle of last week she also told him that Maximus has been transitioned out of the pack and play. WHAT?! WHY?! {That was my honest reaction.} She said that he was sleeping on the floor or a cot during naps. One day she had another little boy go wake him up. {They all sleep in the same room.} MY LITTLE BABY! He’s sleeping on a cot, next to his little friends who are all a lot older than him. {1-3 years.} My heart. It doesn’t know what to think. I can’t imagine us trying to move him to a big boy bed and reasoning with him enough so that he stays in bed. Ya, right! That daycare lady. She has magical powers over that kid. He doesn’t mess with her! And he sleeps on a cot during nap time!

How in the world did he get old enough to not be confined during nap time?

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