Marriage is a lot of give and take

Marriage. Couch rest. Trials.
‘Nough said?

I tell you, it’s hard on a marriage to be completely reliant on the other. I imagine it would be less of a deal if there wasn’t also a toddler and beagle involved. But, it’s our situation and we’re making it work. It helps that I know how he’s going to react before he does. And vice versa. I  know when he’s quiet and distant that he’s stressed out. I know when he sits down to take a break or falls asleep on the couch that he’s getting sick.

I may not be able to lend a hand and take care of a toddler while he works late, but I can pick up the phone and call in help. I can arrange for daycare pickup and dinner planning so he can spend a few more hours at work. I can ask someone else to change my bed sheets or do laundry. I can remind him to move something from the freezer to fridge so he doesn’t have to scramble for supper when the toddler is HUNGRY.

We’ve both had to change the way life is. Him picking up everything physical and me trying to stay a step ahead mentally. It’s not seamless by any means. And it’s far from fun, but we’re making it work the best way we can. Even though I’m spending my days and nights doing nothing, I can see when he needs out. I’m willing to sacrifice being bored for another night just so he can get out of the house and hang out with friends.

Marriage is a give and take. Some phases are more give, or in my instance more take.

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