The road to recovery

Monday has been the best day of recovery. It’s been the first pain-free day! I woke up as the house was getting ready for the day. I decided not to get out of bed because I didn’t feel any pain in my foot. I’d learned the past few days that moving it when it didn’t hurt resulted in it hurting. And then usually I couldn’t find a pain-free position after it started. {Not that it was ever completely pain-free before, rather a weird numb stage.} I was so afraid of ruining the pain-free on Monday that I didn’t get out of bed until almost 11 am. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was happy to find that being upright resulted in minimal pain. After two trips into the living room, I had myself situated on the couch.

Much to my surprise, my day was pain-free. I even bragged about it on Facebook and that didn’t ruin it. 🙂 I stuck to doctor orders and kept it elevated and kept my upright bouts to bathroom breaks only. {Except for the 10 minutes I sat on the floor and played with Maximus. Required.}

Going to bed posed a different scenario and I dealt with incision burning and throbbing and tingling in my foot. It wasn’t really painful but enough to keep me up. Given my great day, it was quite bothersome trying to find the best position. I have learned to rely on other stimuli to take my mind off my foot. A dark bedroom doesn’t bode well for distractions.

Tuesday was much of the same from Monday evening. Incision burning and throbbing. Being upright wasn’t as painful as last week, but it wasn’t very enjoyable either. When my foot starts feeling this way, it’s hard for me to figure out what to do. Sometimes I try to get blood flowing to it. Sometimes I try to raise it even higher. And other times I try to rest it sideways on the broken side. If I can find the right position, I can wait until it falls into a numbness. And that’s how I spend most of my days lately – in some weird numbness phase of healing.

I hope that this is an indication of good days ahead. I know I’ve got a long road still, but I’m ready for it to be pain-free and comfortable!

What would you do if you were confined to the couch?

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