My surgery went well this afternoon. I was in the recovery room a little longer than expected because I had a general anesthesia. My doctor requested it and I agreed. I didn’t like the idea of hearing what was going on but not remembering. {Too many horror stories!} So, this recovery was VERY different than my emergency c. Maybe the emergency part had to do with the doses. Or maybe it was the reason for surgery. Major vs “minor.” {Although it didn’t feel minor!} Once I opened my eyes I was able to keep them open. Last night I fought it for HOURS!

I spent a lot of the day with my feet down so I woke up in quite a bit of pain. I believe I told the nurse it was a 6. If you know about foot injuries, if you have then down they will swell. Swelling leads to pain later on. It’s ironic that the hospital staff was not as conscious as I was about getting that foot elevated. I guess they’ve never had screws put in their foot!

Things I’ve taken away from the day:
1. Fasting is not fun but it’s doable. And was probably the only “exercise” ish thing I’ll do for the next three months.
2. Not drinking water is way worse than fasting on food. So.Thirsty! And then they asked for a urine sample. Uh?! What do you expect to come out of this dehydrated body?! Also? Please tell me you’d like one, then I won’t go before I leave the house. All to confirm that I’m not pregnant. Yes, I can guarantee I’m not, but here is a drop of pee.
3. Old people wheel you around the hospital. If I hadn’t been a ball of nerves I would have been terrified of my broken foot that was sticking out of her driving machine. Yikes!
4. Hospital smells. Ick! But it went away after I started feeling comfortable.
5. Nerves. They make you cry. Especially when someone wheels you into a waiting corral full of people WAITING for surgery. Even more when said person asks if you’re getting nervous. Ruins me every time!
6. There is no modesty when you’re in the care of hospital staff. I lost it during childbirth. Whatever.
7. I’m happy to be home! Even if my whole foot hurts now instead of part. It’s bearable because I survived them CUTTING OPEN MY FOOT AND PUTTING TWO SCREWS IN. {I’ll show you pictures on Friday!}

Thanks for the prayers, pain free thoughts, and well wishes!

2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Glad that you made it through the surgery. Hope you are mended pronto!

  2. Sara V

    Thinking of you and wishing you a fast recovery … and many Maximus snuggles to help you forget about the pain!

    Your Emerson friends Sara and Laura

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