Less bucket, more boot

After much debate, I decided I better go to the doctor. I couldn’t sit another day in the recliner and feel like a big baby if I just sprained my ankle. And I wasn’t sure if I needed to start trying to use it instead of being a big baby.

I have pretty strong feelings about showering before I go out in public, plus I thought it was a good test on what I could and couldn’t do. {Plus, what if it was broke and this was my last “normal” shower?} I managed to take a one-legged shower, curtosey of the bench in my shower. It proved to be a great resting place for my knee. I was a little fearful that I’d slip during one of my twists and turns on a wet foot. Thankfully I didn’t fall and break anything. {Har har.}

Making {swinging, crutching, ??} my way across the doctor office was just as much fun as I imagined. Holy heck it was packed in there at 9:45 a.m. Monday morning must bring all the sickies in! {AND! I better not catch something from being in there!} In an attempt to pick the lesser of two evils, I declined the nice older gentelman’s offer of a wheelchair upon arriving. I stuck with my crutches, only to gladly accept the offer when asked how I wanted to travel to x-ray {backtracking next to the front door}. I wasn’t going to end a good thing, I took the ride back out front and waited for Bryan to bring the car around. Then the nice older gentelman wheeled me out to the car when he saw Bryan pull up. {Awww!} Also, I need to ask Bryan if he felt just as guilty having an older guy wheel me out while my young husband walked next to us. What a sweet man!


So, x-rays. Weird. It wasn’t anything like I expected. I was asked 1,245 times if I was in any way shape or form possibly pregnant. I assured all that I was not. And then answered the question a few more times. I thought about awkward jokes and comments, but just kept quiet. {Come live with the new temper tantrum toddler that we share a roof with!} No one teaches you what to talk about in awkward situations where people you don’t know are touching you or taking care of you. Weirdness. I modeled my foot in three different positions and wondered why the x-ray “coat” only covers the mid-section. Is everything else safe?

Initial glances at my x-ray showed nothing. NOTHING! All signs were pointing towards me being a big baby. I did get a shred of dignity back when the nurse said, “I can’t believe it’s not broke!” The doctor was really nice and I’d definitely go back and see her if I needed to. She gave me a walking boot, instructions to continue to ice 1-2 times a day, keep it elevated as much as possible, and use the crutches. She said if it was a muscle sprain, keeping off of it will help it heal the fastest. Then she sent me home with a promise that my nurse would call within a few hours after radiology looked at the x-rays.

She called me within an hour. I should have known when it was the doctor and not the nurse. She said she saw a small fracture as soon as she looked at it after we left. She was concentrating on the area where I had the most pain, but as soon as she looked over the rest of it she saw the fracture. It sounds like it is near my pinky toe, which is where the fall was. She looked over the results with a foot doctor and he wants to see me. So they’ve scheduled me an appointment on Friday to visit with him. It sounds like he’s concerned with the location of the fracture since it’s along the outside of my foot. Friday is the soonest he can get me in and I assume also the same time he can actually do the surgery. He said he likes to do surgery within 7-10 days of the injury. So! I’m not sure if surgery is a given or part of our conversation on Friday. I guess I’ll find out when the office calls me to tell me when they’ve scheduled me. {That’s also weird. It’s like I’ve got a personal assistant that is making all my appointments! But really, it’s the foot surgeon’s personal assistant.}

So here I sit, laptop humming on my lap and a Beagle snoring at my left foot. I’m surrounded by end tables full of remotes, drinks, books, and chapstick. The floor is full of blankets, pillows, towels, and crutches. I’ll be camped out here for the week, day and night. Maybe I’ll get a lot of writing done during my recovery!


UPDATE: I do have an appointment with the surgeon on Friday but it’s a post-op appointment. They’ve scheduled me for an outpatient surgery on Tuesday, January 17. From what the nurse said, they’ll be putting in pins. I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers!

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