I guess I should be feeling thankful that I still have a house

No, YOU’RE the one who left the hair straightener on all day long.

And YOUR toddler started playing with the cord, which made your husband realize the straightener was warm.

Huh, really? That’s interesting. I don’t remember a thing from this morning. I barely remember doing my hair. It must have something to do with the rubber body feeling I had this morning. Ya’ know the kind where your super drowsy? If I hadn’t given myself the Excedrin last night, I would have sworn my husband gave me some drowsy cold medicine or something. My body was that asleep. Even after a shower. And apparently definitely while I was actually getting ready. I guess it’s a good thing the toddler went to daycare in clothes and a diaper. Because that was the next task I tackled after doing my hair. Or, I assume it was since it’s what I do every other day of the week.

Huh. Better double-check that straightener tomorrow before I leave the house.

PS – I swore my straightener turned off after being on for an extended time. My husband says it was warm. So did it turn off and on all day long? Because it really should have been hot. And it really should turn off and stay off.

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