Finding a way to deal

Thank you friends. A few of you read my rambling post and sent me words of encouragement. Words that reminded me that life is chaotic. That it’s ok to “drop” a few balls. Not everything has to be done RIGHT.NOW. It can wait. It’s important to stop and enjoy life. To enjoy the precious moments with my son. Somewhere along the way I told myself that I need to spend my evenings either working or cleaning the house. I unrealistically convinced myself that 8 p.m. isn’t time for me to relax, but rather a time for my next “job” and keeper of the house.

Well, friends, you reminded me that I don’t have to do that. Yes, I’m trying to create more family time on the weekends, but that doesn’t mean I need to break my back during the week. I can let the house go. Many of you told me that you hire out housekeeping either every other week or once a month. And one of you gave me the best advice of them all…take it slow because it doesn’t have to all happen over night. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you! It’s so simple, but I forgot it along the way. This week I tried to make it the week where I followed my new cleaning rules, also the week that I got back into the kitchen and made my family dinner, and also the week that I did laundry. Whew. I’m exhausted just typing that.

So far this week I’ve done three loads of laundry {opps, baby clothes need to be switched}, cleaned up the kitchen each night, changed my bed sheets, made one meal from scratch, and vacuumed. And on top of that, written three blog posts! Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about the week. I can’t guarantee that next week will be any better or worse, but I’m going to be ok with how it ends. Instead of dwelling on what should or could be, I’m going to enjoy each day I have with my family because they are what really matters.

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