A battle of the sun

In between whining about being the only one home to clean and do the laundry, I spent some time sitting outside. With a super busy summer so far plus lots of rain, I haven’t had much time to be out in the sun. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside an sweat. I think this comes from my love of AAU softball, which is very much a summer game. I’ve played plenty of games in 100 plus degrees. When I’m having a bad day, the sun can make my troubles go away. Today, I needed a little sunshine to boost my spirits.

Unfortunately, I’m not made for the sun. My complextion and the sun get along too well. I’m used to sunscreen and I’m used to sunburns. I try to use the former often so I don’t experience the latter too often.

Today, I didn’t put sunscreen on because I expected Maximus to wake up from a nap as soon as I got out there. To my surprise I sat outside reading a book for an hour! (And Maximus took a FOUR HOUR nap!)


My thighs got the brunt of the burn. It’s not the worst I’ve gotten, but I can still feel the burn when I’m not doing anything. My arms got a little pink but I can feel them. And my belly got even less pink as it wasn’t exposed very long. I’m surprised that the lower portion of my legs didn’t get pink at all. I’ll never understand the power of the sun!

I hope your weekend ended on a good note, like mine.

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