Twenty-one weeks

March 31, 2010
*My weeks got busy and I got really tired so this post comes in late. My apologies.

Twenty-one Weeks - March 31

Twenty-one weeks into this pregnancy, I was finally used to the idea of Little Baby Leger being Little Boy Leger. I could tell people we found out we were having a boy and my heart didn’t stutter or skip a beat. It rolled off my tongue as much as the due date. It became second nature, just as the feeling of being a mommy no longer felt like a foreign term that I couldn’t use.

As Little Boy Leger got into a daily routine of sleep and being awake, I became accustomed to his movements. Like clockwork, I can almost guarantee how and when to get a reaction out of him. It truly is an amazing thing to feel your baby moving around inside of you. It’s a connection that can’t be felt in the weeks leading up to this huge milestone. It’s the turning point that bonds families to their babies. No longer are you left wondering what is going on in that growing belly. Once on a routine, a mother can dream up the comings and goings of her baby’s life on the inside.

In other news, my belly button is officially flat. Did you know that was possible? Well, I’ve been worried concerned watching it since about week 16. I felt it was disappearing at an alarming rate and didn’t think that would happen until much later in the pregnancy. About four weeks later, it was officially lost. If it’s an indication of when Little Boy Leger will be coming out, the progress of moving outward should be slower than the initial stages. After all, we’ve got 18 weeks to go before it can “pop.”

There’s not a whole lot of changes between the last few weeks. I find it to be very enjoyable. I’m not taking anything for granted knowing that these last few months will fly by just as quickly as the first. I also know our lives are about to change in a way we don’t even comprehend right now. I’m trying to enjoy each day for what it is and not get worked up over anything.

Belly shot at twenty-one weeks

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