My Boys

I wasn’t the girl who spent her childhood dreaming of my future husband or children. However, I was fortunate to meet that man while I was in high school. We grew up together, sometimes growing with each other and sometimes growing despite each other.

I didn’t spend either one of my pregnancies wishing for one sex over the other. I was just happy to be pregnant. I’ve grown into motherhood and love being a boy mom! I’m sure I’d say the same thing if I had a daughter, but I’m having fun with trucks, dirt, and sports.

Maximus is a thoughtful, sweet, energetic three-year-old. His favorite things are: Mickey Mouse cartoons, grandpa and grandma, being outside, eating ice cream, and driving his trucks through dirt. He has recently started telling us he likes Quinten. To put it into perspective, he’s also talking about poop and farts a lot, too. He likes to sing Taylor Swift’s chorus, “never ever ever getting back together.”

Quinten is a smiley, chubby, quick baby. He arrived three weeks early, but showed up ready to eat. He’s always been an efficient nurser and has never been the best sleeper. His favorites are: nursing, mommy, eating, daddy, Wrigley, Maximus, and last…sleeping. He is all over the house and into everything. He laughs when you tell him no and at 8 months he is pulling himself up on things.

Life with two boy babies is a lot of fun. One of them is always making us laugh and the other is almost always trying to snuggle with someone. They are dirty, sweaty, soft, and sweet. I am so blessed to have my two boys to enjoy every day with!

These two make it better, too.
Maximus (3), Quinten (7 months) | July 2013

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