My Boys

I’m fortunate that I met my husband while I was in high school. We grew up together, sometimes growing with each other and sometimes growing despite each other. Learning how to navigate college together, growing into a married couple in our 20s, and finding our groove as parents in our 30s.

After two boys and a lot of dirt and noise, I’ve grown into motherhood and love being a boy mom! I’m sure I’d say the same if I had a daughter, but I’m having fun with nerf guns, dirt, and sports.

We spend our summers on bikes, throwing baseballs, going belly first down a hill on a skateboard, running around the neighborhood without a shirt on, and throwing clothes all over the house in smelly, dirty piles. The colder months are spent building legos, wanting to watch all the YouTube videos of kids playing video games or doing funny things, and sneaking all the snacks we can. *We does not include me, obviously.

Life with two boys is a lot of fun. One of them is always making us laugh and the other is almost always trying to snuggle with someone. They are dirty, sweaty, soft, and sweet. I am so blessed to have these boys to enjoy every day with!

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