Marketing & Communications

I am a passionate storyteller. Even though “storytelling” is a buzzword lately, I’ve always been a lover of stories. From the moment I could read, I’ve had my nose buried in a book. I am most relaxed when I can start and finish a book in one day. It’s a magical feeling to be immersed in a story. My love for writing began when I learned to form sentences. I spent much of my childhood writing stories and have always had a dream of being a book author.

I get a lot of joy from helping people tell their story or helping them understand why telling their story is important. I graduated with a degree in technical communications, which means I have a variety of communication tools in my arsenal. I spent 12 years doing marketing communications for a Fortune 500 company with responsibilities ranging from managing communication professionals to creating marketing programs and managing social media platforms. I also have volunteer and professional experience in the non-profit sector. I understand that sometimes the only way a non-profit agency can tell its story is through social media or word of mouth.

The exciting thing about marketing is that there are endless possibilities:

  • Writing and content creation
  • Editing to form the perfect message
  • Design and layout of a variety of marketing tools
  • Social media
  • Event and tradeshows
  • Website content and design
  • Videos
  • Public relations and newsletters

If you’re a big company or individual chasing a dream, there are countless ways to tell a story and an endless amount of stories to tell. I enjoy digging deep to find out what the objective is and creating pieces that will interest a specific audience. Creating clear, simple communications is vital to attracting customers in our social media driven world. Where there once wasn’t competition, there is now someone on the other side of a computer screen who is competing for customers.

Whether it’s brainstorming marketing ideas, helping create content, or assisting with social media accounts, I love to help people share their stories! Send me an email and let’s chat about how I can help you share your message.


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