One … TWO!

I still have random moments where I stop, look around, and realize I have two boys. My twelve-year-old self never would have imagined that I’d be raising two boys. Heck, my twenty-one-year-old self wouldn’t have either! Just look at these two. A fat, scowly old man baby and his long scrawny big brother. Since Quinten … Continue reading One … TWO!

Backyard tunnels

  More snow day fun! Bryan and Maximus built “tunnels” in our backyard during a warm weekend day. By warm, I obviously mean 30 degrees. I took the opportunity to bundle Quinten up and test drive his snuggly winter suit. If he wasn’t such a sweaty baby, I’d put him in it every day because … Continue reading Backyard tunnels


Today I get up with an alarm clock. It’s something I haven’t done for 12 weeks. A little more actually. I started my maternity leave after taking the last of my vacation. That was the last time I slept through the night. Today I got up with a baby at 4:30 and realized at 5 … Continue reading Today

My solo outing

February 12, a Tuesday afternoon, came quickly and in a cloud of anxiety. Anxiety because I was solo parenting a dual pediatrician visit. The appointments put me on edge because Quinten likes to eat every two hours during the day. I was semi-nervous about nursing in public when I wouldn’t know our exact schedule or … Continue reading My solo outing


Bryan told me Saturday’s blog post should be titled, “Kid Puke.” {He clearly doesn’t read my blog if he thinks I post on the weekend!} He’s not too bad at writing post titles. It’s direct and to the point. You’re not left wondering what the content will be. Over the years he’s mentioned that we … Continue reading #ToddlerFlu

Heart swells

My dates for my 30th birthday dinner This kid. He makes my heart swell so big. I can’t get enough of him. Except when I can and I need space away from him and The Whines. But, when he’s not showing his toddler 2 side, he’s showing his awesome Maximus side. And it’s just that … Continue reading Heart swells