Behind the Words

One day I blinked and found myself in the middle of my 30s. My 20s look like a blur of college, starting a career, making forever friends, getting married, and establishing a home. My 30s look less like a blur and more like a continuous track. It has been about falling into a rhythm of career, parenthood, and all the responsibilities of an adult. After getting all that under control {is it ever really under control?}, it was time to refocus on myself.

If I could describe the middle of my 30s, I would say it’s deliberate. That means time set aside to be a family or with my children one-on-one. Time with my husband not as parents. Putting hours and miles on my bike. Spending the early morning hours with a set of weights as the sun comes up and my house sleeps peacefully. Figuring out what my ideal healthy lifestyle is with the foods that best serve my body. Finding the healthy balance of enough sleep and enough productivity in every day.

It feels like there is an endless list of things I do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I wouldn’t say I enjoy keeping my house picked up or clean, but I do go through seasons of life where I spend far more time cleaning my house or meal planning and cooking than anything else that may feel “fun.” Some seasons it feels like I only have time to do the “jobs” of being a parent and homeowner. As much as I do enjoy an organized life, the things I get true enjoyment out of are much different. Reading, writing, anything that involves the hot sun, playing or watching softball, playing volleyball, watching my sons excel in sports, and staying up on the latest digital media platforms.

So far, the middle of my 30s seem to be a pretty perfect place to be right now. I gained confidence that I didn’t have in my 20s, I have a sense of who I truly am as a person, and I’ve found my groove as a parent, wife, and friend.


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