Me, the writer

My story starts almost 30 years ago in the same setting as my current story. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. As technology has grown, my passions have changed to include digital and social media. I’m an avid Iowa State University enthusiast and can be found spending my fall Saturdays watching college football. I love summer and can’t think of anything better than sitting out in the hot sun. Over the years I’ve found myself leading more than following, which is the direct opposite of how I grew up. I enjoy playing softball and volleyball recreation leagues. I love spending my summers watching my nephews play sports and can’t wait to see my own children grow and learn as team members.

Our story starts with two high school sweethearts. At 25, the two became one. Careers began; he a design engineer and she a communications specialist. Life started moving fast and she became marketing communications manager. Then, one snowy day in December they learned there would be another person to love. At 27, these high school sweethearts began experiencing the joys of raising a beautiful baby boy. And just before turning 30, they welcome their second son into this wonderfully, busy life.

To read about life before baby Leger came into the picture, head over to




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