What makes him sleep through the night?

3 thoughts on “What makes him sleep through the night?”

  1. Sienna is also a big night eater. She will nurse at 5 and 7 and sometimes even a third time at 6. She then gets a bottle of bm at around 8 (5-6 ounces). So we are guessing she eats anywhere between 10-15 ounces in a 3 hour period of time. It seems to work though!


    1. Our issue is that I nurse Quinten around 7:30-8:30 and he acts full. On some days, like the other night, he cries and we know he’s still hungry. So, most of the time he’s not hungry when he goes to bed. Tonight he fell asleep after only partially nursing. He’s not a dream eater at this point, so I can’t get any more in him. I guess I just get up with him. 🙂


      1. Yes, the goal is definitely to fill them up! That is a big part of the reason Dan feeds S a bottle at her last feeding. She focuses on the goal better and eats 5-6 ounces really quickly instead of getting all snuggly and warm from nursing.

        The only issue with the crazy amount of night feedings is it makes it more difficult to do things at night. Not fun going out and having the baby on the boob the WHOLE time. 😉


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