Cutting Cable

5 thoughts on “Cutting Cable”

    1. I’d suggest looking into the monthly subscription to ESPN online. At least if you have an Apple TV you have an ESPN app that you can pay a monthly fee for. That might meet his needs. There are different apps for all the sports, too. If you had to subscribe to all those it would probably end up costing the same amount as cable. Good luck!


  1. We are seriously considering canceling direct tv also since I will be working less and need to find ways to make cuts to the budget. We also have apple tv! I’m completely on board with it, however, with the upcoming football season, my husband isn’t sure he can part with it just yet. Regardless, we at least will be calling to renegotiate our contract. I also did that with our Internet service. A simple phone call saved $10/mo. Also, I know it seems small, but I read in a magazine that If you cut a dryer sheet in half, it will still give you the same amount of static protection as a full sheet. So true! We also have been going through paper towels like crazy, so I pulled out these “fancy” cloth napkins we received as a wedding gift that have not been used (3 years later:) and use those for meals rather than paper towels. Lastly, I’ve been extremely diligent about recycling (i mean, like a nazi, every little scrap of paper, etc makes it into the recycling bin) and have noticed a significant difference with the amount of trash bags we go through (a lot less!) the future of our tv debacle is unclear, but boy is it sure fun to discover ways to cut corners and save! šŸ™‚ $$

    Ps. Would I like a new mark Jacobs handbag or a new pair of jcrew sandals? Absolutely. But I simply cannot afford it and find that I have just as much fun splurging on a $5 tee from old navy as I did a $40 sale item at Von maur…without all the guilt! šŸ˜‰


    1. Hey Lacey! Thanks for the comments! I feel like adulthood slaps you in the face when you realize you’d rather save money than spend it! šŸ™‚

      We’re also concerned with the football season, but we decided we’d rather save money now and figure it out later. I was going to look into the Cyclones TV stuff and see if that will meet our ISU needs. Have you looked into the sports apps that come with Apple TV? Maybe those would meet his needs. Then again, if you start paying for all of them it probably equals a cable bill!

      Good call on the linen napkins. Paper towels are ridiculous in our house! We could save a lot of money if we didn’t buy those as often.


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