Monthly tracking and budgeting

3 thoughts on “Monthly tracking and budgeting”

  1. love this post! I’ve been hinting to the hubs about budgeting and Dave Ramsey, and he seems slighting interested. It’s hard for us to keep a budget because we have separate bank accounts and contribute to another one to pay all our bills from. I have been pushing to change that and put everything together so we can track and budget easier, and looks like he’s agreed. So I’m excited to jump on the budget and finances bandwagon with you! I’ll be hitting you up for some tips and tricks in the coming months!


    1. That’s awesome, Meghan! To help get that full commitment I suggest reading More Than Enough by Ramsey. It helps you see the benefit of being one with finances. Good luck and I look forward to watching your journey! I know you’ve got the right idea and you’re off to a great start!


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