Loving and Hating on Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Loving and Hating on Pinterest”

  1. Pinterest is a rabbit hole. When I need something specific, I go there to find it. Actually spending a significant amount of time there? That comes and goes in phases. I think it’s super easy to go overboard on wanting to have/do/be all the things, and sometimes Pinterest does feel like a great place to humblebrag. But I have also found some really stellar things that have made our lives better.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?


  2. I totally agree. I am staying off Pinterest right now because all the people who have been “all bacon all the time” are now “all exercise all the time”. Both make me feel like I should either be cooking more for my family or working out more & not eating all that stuff I’m cooking. I love the new food ideas but, like you, I have to keep reminding myself that what I do/have/wear is enough.


  3. This post cracks me up. Dan and I were JUST talking about this. How some people pin so much and we are like “There is NO way they do this stuff”. Most of the time I KNOW they are not. But I will say, we use it A LOT for recipes and meal planning and it works perfectly. 🙂 And it does give me some quick home ideas if I am in a bind. But my amount of pins seem nowhere near the amount of others.


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