Toddler bed update

Usually the Internet is the quickest way to jinx something. I hope that’s not the case for this, because I really just wanted to update on the new sleeping arrangements. 🙂

Maximus has been sleeping in his “new bed,” which is his crib with one new railing, since Monday night. He’s been such a trooper! He fights bed and nap times a little, but way less than before this week. In the beginning, we couldn’t get him to lay down before we left the room. So we were really anxious that he’d get out of bed. Nothing like walking out of a room with a toddler standing on the bed! Then we’d listen as he whined and tried to cover himself up, but we never went in to help him because we knew it would only make him upset. He’s loving a pillow and we’ve found him tummy sleeping and back sleeping as opposed to his normal tummy-only. He goes to sleep pretty quickly, but that’s always been his style. I’ve noticed less talking at night and during naps, but it could be a phase he’s in or not in. This past weekend, he spent TWO HOURS talking to himself in his crib!

The tricky part was going to be waking up. I was so afraid that we’d have to adhere to his early wake up times and not be able to keep him “trapped” a little longer to give us some more sleep. At night, we shut his door before we go to bed. During naps, I’ve just been pulling it almost shut. Regardless of what we do with the door, he’s been staying in his bed at night before he falls asleep and in the morning when he wakes up. In the mornings, he’s been in there for as long as 45 minutes {mommy doesn’t want to get up at 6:45, we’re on vacation!}. During naps he’s only in there long enough to fully wake up {he’s crabby if you don’t let him work it out first!}. We’re nervous about not latching his door at night in case he wakes up and does decide to get out of bed. I’m afraid he’ll either be scared of the dark house or fall down the basement stairs because he’s disoriented or not actually awake.

I’m totally impressed by how well he adjusted to the change. And I’m even more impressed that he won’t get out of his bed until we enter the room. It’s a toss-up between him wanting lifted out of his bed and wanting to crawl out on his own. We know he can get in and out, because he does it all the time. But, I guess we’re blessed enough that he doesn’t think he has free reign of going in and out when he’s supposed to be sleeping.

The crib to toddler bed transition has definitely been a success!

3 thoughts on “Toddler bed update

  1. Meghan

    Wow that’s great! I hope this post doesn’t jinx u too! It’s hilarious that he can keep himself occupied talking to himself for so long!!! Haha. Good luck, hope it continues going well!

    1. I do believe the real issue is the talking thing. I don’t think he’ll ever stop! 😉 Some days he’s exhausting to listen to and starts rambling so much that half aren’t actual words.

      1. Hahaha that is so cute. Maybe you have a future politician on your hands?

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