Tackling the Christmas List

Today I tackled some of my Christmas to-do list. A morning nap threatened to ruin my fantasy of productivity. I of course had some input in ruining the nap productivity also. I took early advantage of Bryan being around and I sat down with a book. Once Maximus got cranky, I put him down in his crib and sat down to finish my book. You know when you’re almost finished with a book, you can’t put it down. Sometimes I live on the edge. Today was one of those. I decided to spend the quiet finishing my book. Bryan finished up our Christmas errands and came home right as Maximus was waking up.

So, I was forced to work on my tasks while Maximus was awake. I armed the dinning room table with my wrapping paper supplies. With everything out of toddler reach, I was able to wrap almost all of the gifts before he really paid attention to me. Then, I let him up to “help.”

Toddler’s are very good at holding hangers. And eventually throwing them on the floor, which was fine also. I was pleasantly surprised that he was satisfied to just sit and watch me wrap.






I even let him test out a few gifts. He wasn’t quite sure what to think about PINK. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it either. He decided his baby cousin will love her new book and he handed it back to me when he was done. I thought that was a better sign than throwing it!



Note: while I was wrapping other gifts for my niece, Bryan and I kept staring in amazement at girl clothes. So weird. We must really have a boy’s boy. 🙂 Lots of blues and greens and sport related characters. Nothing frilly or cutesy.



In the end, I got all the presents wrapped and the cards ordered. The house was easy to pick up after tornado toddler hit and I was able to use the wrinkled wrapping paper that he had gotten a hold of.

How’s your Christmas to-do list going?




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