Every day I’m strugglin’

One thought on “Every day I’m strugglin’”

  1. What works for me is setting a goal. Anything from, “I will run 30 minutes three times a week” or “I will run 12 miles per week” or tracking calories, because when I am tracking them, I am more motivated to get that 30 minutes of activity in so that I am not starving at 5 PM with no calories left for the day. Obviously I am far from the picture of health, but it does help. Change your goal every week if you feel like it. Maybe it’s 12 miles one week and 90 minutes the following week. Then you don’t have to look at Monday as the dreaded-treadmill day. The other thought is that even if you only do ten minutes and then go to the couch, it was still better than zero minutes… (I need to practice what I preach, as I type that)

    Also, give yourself some grace and do pick one night that belongs to you and the couch!

    Another thought – not sure what your work schedule is like as it coincides with picking M up from daycare, but perhaps you could sneak home, get in a quick run and then go pick M up?


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