Blog changes!

3 thoughts on “Blog changes!”

  1. Love the new format! I love the idea of having a blog, but actually doing it and keeping it up is difficult for me for some reason. Maybe when I have a little one someday I will be a lot more committed to it.


    1. Thanks, Sara! It is so hard to stick with it. When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time sitting around so it was pretty easy to blog. I also had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to share with others. Now that I’m busy taking care of the little guy, I find that I’m so tired! I’ve been working hard these last couple of weeks to get into a routine of blogging after he goes to bed. If I can dedicate an hour each night I still have time to go to bed early or get some things done around the house. How many days does it take something to become routine? Don’t they say it’s 21? Yikes…


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